Laboratory Infrastructure:

  • 3000 kN compression testing machine with load, stroke and external applied displacement control.

  • Testing facilities for R/C and steel structures including a 3 x 3 x 4 m self-reacting steel reaction frame with a ±100, ±250 and ±500 kN (MTS) hydraulic actuators digitally controlled through a servo-hydraulic (MTS) system (2-stage servo-valve and manifold) with a FlexTest 40 controller.

  • 40 lpm silentflow air-cooled hydraulic pump.

  • 40-channel SCXI data acquisition system (DAQ) by National Instruments and computer station. The DAQ system records measurements from strain gages, DCDT’s, displacement potentiometers, wire-displacement transducers, accelerometers and a high-definition camera.

  • 200-lt concrete mixer.

  • Sieving system for aggregates.

  • Temperature-controlled curing water reservoir and devices for air-content in concrete and NDT concrete strength evaluation.